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The World Is Shifting ? How Asia Is Defining Trends For The World

Half of the internet population in the world is from Asia and by the year 2020, two-thirds of the middle class will be coming from Asia. The average user in Asia checks his/her phone 150 times a day (if you sleep 8 hours a day) and that?s 10 times an hour. Consumer habits have changed dramatically in a short span of time. How do we keep up?

Asia is increasingly becoming a hotspot for digital and because of the sheer mass of internet users from here, Asia is driving radical changes globally. So what does this mean for businesses? Find out what are the digital trends in Asia this year and how you can capitalise on those trends for your brands or businesses.

Anh Nguyen


How To Accelerate Business Growth With Twitter Ads

Twitter answers one question better than any other service in the world, and that is - ?What is happening right now?? The platform is the first and quickest source where news breaks and people use Twitter to not just connect with friends but with their interests.

More importantly, Twitter is your live connection to premium reach of 820 million people all over the world, 320 million monthly active users and 500 million monthly active logged out users who are highly engaged and passionate about their interests. That number is growing 189% year on year from last year. Find out how you can tap into Twitter?s valuable audience and effectively use Twitter ads to unlock potential in terms of engagement, advocacy, commentaries and ultimately sales.

Edric Subur


Go-To-Market Strategies for Asia: 15 Focus Areas To Win New Markets In Asia

Half of the internet population in the world is from Asia and by the year 2020, two-thirds of the middle class will be coming from Asia. The average user in Asia checks his/her phone 150 times a day (if you sleep 8 hours a day) and that?s 10 times an hour. Consumer habits have changed dramatically in a short span of time. How do we keep up?

Asia is increasingly becoming a hotspot for digital and because of the sheer mass of internet users from here, Asia is driving radical changes globally. So what does this mean for businesses? Find out what are the digital trends in Asia this year and how you can capitalise on those trends for your brands or businesses.

Anuj Jain


Generating Unlimited Traffic, aka List Marketing

A website is only useful when people visit it - the more the better. There many ways to generate traffic to your website - paid and free methods. Going beyond visits, when a prospect visits your website and after looking at your products and information, decides to leave, he/she is unlikely to come back. In this instance, we want to be able to capture prospects? details who might be interested in follow-ups later on. In this way, we will be able to keep in constant contact with them and generate unlimited traffic.

This session will reveal techniques that will help you generate unlimited traffic and a 3-step formula to build your list. At the end, you will also learn about an alternative traffic source (besides Google and Facebook) so that you can grow your list at a much faster rate.

Alvin Huang


Brand Building In A Mobile-First World

With the shift to mobile-first behavior, consumers today expect personalized content ? a mobile feed tailored just for them. Coupled with increasing commoditisation of the digital shopping experience, brands are pivoting marketing efforts towards driving upper funnel objectives.

Find out how to win hearts and wallets by tapping into the discovery mindset of mobile-first consumers with Deepesh Trivedi, Head of Retail and Ecommerce at Facebook.

Deepesh Trivedi


How To Engage Customers Better Over Your Digital Channels To Drive Measurable Impact

All customers have websites running for many years but surprisingly not many of them do measure the success of their websites. Some may say that they have certain analytic tools in place but they don?t know what to measure beyond customer acquisition via SEO/SEM.

In this presentation, you will learn from a few cases studies how customers can measure their success beyond acquisition by adopting an experience platform. Participants can also learn how the experience platform can drive more sales conversions with the e-Commerce integration.

Anthony Chan


Grow Your Business By Using These 6-Figure Sales Funnel Secrets The Pros Use

Having a sales funnel is fundamental in increasing sales and building a profitable business. Many business owners and organizations know that but the challenge is in creating your own sales funnel that actually works. More often than not, businesses find that people are not buying their offer and end up not hitting sales targets with sales numbers that are way below expectations. Or, they have customers but they are not buying more than they already have.

The key is in how you structure your sales funnel. Over the course of this session, you will learn the 6 stages of a profitable sales funnel, how tweaking one element in your funnel that will determine roaring success of fatal death of your sales campaigns and many more.

Welly Mulia


Growth Marketing On Instagram: Finding & Scaling Success With Direct Response Advertising

Instagram?s potential as a powerful revenue driver for digital advertisers has only just begun. With a 400 million monthly active user base on Instagram (which has doubled in size since 2014), a lot of data driven marketers have huge opportunities when combining both Instagram?s massive mobile audience together with Facebook?s industry-leading targeting capabilities.

In this presentation, you will learn who are the demographics on the platform, the direct response ad opportunity, what are the different ad types and tips to optimally use them, what are some of the creative best practices and lastly how you can scale direct response success.

Jacinda Siew


You Had Me At Hello: How Marketing Automation Can Help You Build Real Connections

As we move head on into the era of the consumer as well as the on-demand, we recognise that consumers of today shape the reality around them. They want to be heard, they want to be seen and they want it quickly.

This posits a problem for marketers - there are just so many platforms that each individual could be active on, attention spans are becoming shorter, complaints often become more viral than compliments on social media or by word of mouth - it can be quite a crazy world for marketers.

In this presentation, Michal will be sharing with you a solution to solve all that - Marketing Automation. He will be sharing some tips and specific tactics you can use to build real connections with your customers using marketing automation.

Michal Leszczynski


Using Data to Develop a Marketing Pitch

You can spend millions of dollars making an ad or a potentially viral video but if that video does not resonate with that audience - it?d be a total waste of effort. Why? Because probably they won?t be able to identify with that ad. It?s not who they are, it?s not who they expect to see, and it doesn't have the emotions that you want to sell them. When you are marketing to people and you are not giving them the message that is relevant to them, it doesn?t matter how good your video is, it will most likely fail.

In order to create great marketing, you need to understand who your customers are with data, not assumptions. In this session, Eli Schwartz will share more about how you can identify personas, the tools you can use to gather customer data, and the best practices in crafting surveys.

Eli Schwartz


WeChat: Introduction To Social Marketing In China

It is an entirely different eco-system in China when it comes to digital marketing ? with different rules and different ways of marketing, engagement and ways of delivering value. There are equivalent technologies of how marketing is done around the world in China but intrinsically, marketing is China is a different ball game.

Having spent almost a decade in China, Aaron will be sharing his experiences on the unique challenges of marketing in China, what kind of tools marketers need, and what to look out for.

Aaron Chang

JING Digital

Google Analytics ? Going The Extra Mile

Being able to measure effectively the good and the bad is at the heart of being able to execute the 3 strategies to success in digital marketing: 1) Understand your audiences 2) Deliver the right message at the right time 3) Provide an amazing experience.

Majority of marketers surveyed indicate that connecting marketing to results is important but less than 20% of them have the confidence to measure overall campaign effectiveness, allocate budget with ROI in mind, and communicate performance up to c-level executives.

Over the course of this session, you will learn how to use web analytics tools like Google Analytics (GA) to make better, well-informed and data-driven decisions. Sanchit will also highlight challenges marketers face in GA installations and how to use GA to make the data more insightful and also more palatable.

Sanchit Mendiratta

Happy Marketer

SlideShare: Your Content Marketing Machine

SlideShare is on the list of the top 100 websites in the world with an estimated 3 million views a day or 90 million views per month. Its massive virality has helped Eugene to build up his business to what it is today and it remains as the core marketing channel to help him acquire customers and leads.

In his presentation, he will be sharing about how he has been using this powerful platform to get leads and customers for his businesses and how you can do it as well.

Eugene Cheng


Secrets of a Viral Video Marketer

The challenge marketers have that comes with viral marketing is that we are fighting through overwhelming content density for a finite level of attention. Newsfeed on Facebook can be chaotic and it?s not helping that 2,000 posts get filtered out daily. There?s just too much competition. It is always about the survival of the fittest, most remarkable content with attention spans of audience dropping.

Watch as Aashish share about how experiments became best practices for him and how he and his team found the method to the madness in viral videos.

Aashish Chopra


Press, Your Advantage (Digitally)

In advertising, you are focused on paying for mass media. It is often expensive and usually a one-way communication. For brands with big budgets and the need to be seen, advertising is a good avenue to use. This is vastly different from public relations.

In public relations, you use specific tools to get the external public to give an opinion about your product or service. What is good about it is that usually it is either free or low cost. You use relationship management tools to manage relations with your stakeholders and media in a two way communication.

Peter Yu will be discussing about creating valuable content and how to use that content to generate a campaign and pitch to the media and other stakeholders, especially on digital platforms.

Peter Justin Yu

Bebop Asia

Who Is In My Funnel? Personalized, Not Anonymous Data-Driven Marketing

Marketing automation is fast becoming the digital marketing activity with the greatest commercial impact in 2016 for small businesses. In May 2014, improved lead management and nurturing, measurable results and enhanced targeting and personalisation were voted amongst the top 3 key benefits of using marketing automation tools.

Particularly in this presentation, Brendan will be talking about funnels. A sales and marketing funnel is referred to as a place where we have leads move through different stages of the customer journey ? from the lead stage to the contact stage to a prospect and eventually the buying and repeat customer stage. You will learn about who is in your funnel and how to drive personalised marketing and not anonymous marketing.

Brendan Yong

Empathi Solutions / Infusionsoft

Marketing Metrics: Easy Ways to Use Them to Maximize Your Digital Marketing Impact

Why do marketing metrics matter? Metrics help you to focus on what it is that you want to achieve, your KPIs and ultimately help you in your planning process. With research, you will be able to understand the landscape in which your business is in ? your own successes and failures, your competitor?s activities so that it can help shape your future strategy.

In this session, Francine breaks down this topic into bite-sized information that is easy to digest ? answering commonly asked questions like what key metrics should businesses look at, which part of the funnel should you be measuring, and many more.

Francine Martindale



SGAG?s Guide To Viral Marketing

(Coming soon)

Xiao Ming


From Your Feeds To Your Followers : 4 Curation Techniques To Deliver Great Content

(Coming soon)

Vicky Truong


How SMEs Can Accelerate Their Digital Commerce In Singapore And Asia Pacific

(Coming soon)

Robert Winkelmann

SingPost eCommerce

Improving And Optimising Conversions From Social Media And Search

(Coming soon)

Sean Rezel


Best Practice SEO And How Marketplaces With Lower Budgets Can Take Ownership Of Their Keywords


For startups, budget for marketing can often be a constraint. Find out hacks you can use even as a startup with minimal budget to boost your site's SEO.

In his presentation, Adam Broadway provides a practical guide to navigate the complexities of SEO.

(Coming soon)

Adam Broadway

Marketplaces Growth Strategies To Break Through The Critical Mass Funk


Many marketplaces and two-sided platforms often face the problem of scaling and hitting that 'critical mass' which would make or break the success of the platform.

Learn from Jaime who heads up marketing for RedMart on growth hacking strategies to break through that funk.

(Coming soon)

Jaime Ng


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