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Day 1

Keynote Presentation: Thriving In A Connected, Mobile World

In this keynote presentation, Gap Kim will discuss how the world is smaller and more connected than ever before, and becoming more so every day.?

Learn the opportunities this presents for your business and how you can take advantage of an ever more interconnected globe. 

Gap Kim


Removing Obstacles To Data-Driven Transformation

Knowing how to properly use data to grow your business is crucial and Andy will be talking about how ?digital? transformation is a whole.

He'll be sharing how there are more integrations and connections than ever before which are disrupting data silos and he will also be providing steps on how to overcome obstacles.

Andy Clark


Rise Of Automation In Performance Marketing: What You Should Know

Having a comprehensive and optimized Facebook Ads strategy is important to generate a positive ROI and scale up the campaign to do even better. But the time required to optimize and catch up with Facebook's algorithm can take up so much time!

Jose Kantola of will be sharing how to automate, optimize and run Facebook performance campaigns that will give you better results and free up your time to focus on other tasks.

Jose Kantola

SEO Keyword Research In The Era Of AI & Clickstream

Tim will be sharing what he has discovered after ?having? gone through a huge amount of client data. Google has evolved from just basic keyword research and he'll be sharing how to navigate this rapidly changing terrain.

He'll also talk about Ahrefs, a leading SEO tool which uses artificial intelligence to improve keyword data from superior source of data, other than Google.

Tim Soulo


Using Mobile Ads To Grow Your Business

Reuben will show you exactly how to use the latest techniques in mobile advertising to grow your company and customer base.

He'll be covering topics like how to create ads, what platforms you need to know about, and how to reach your target audience.

Reuben Ch'ng


How To Structure And Run Your SEM Campaigns To Achieve The Best Possible CPA

Kenrick will be taking you through his step-by-step process for setting up a high-performing Google Adwords campaign.

He'll also be showing you the key ??success?? levers for SEM campaigns and how to achieve the best possible cost per acquisition. 

Kenrick Drijkoningen

Golden Gate Ventures

Next Level B2B Marketing With LinkedIn

When you hear LinkedIn, your mind automatically thinks of the professional networking aspect. But are you aware that the platform also includes Slideshare and Pulse and the core business is focused on professional ?growth? and learning??

Glenn will show you how to leverage the entire LinkedIn platform to market your company. 

Glenn Huybrecht


Day 2

Applied Cognitive Psychology For Paid Ads

You've probably taken a marketing psychology class at some point, or have heard how ?important? consumer psychology is to selling. So why are so many marketers not applying these concepts?

Wei Leen covers in detail how you can start using applied psychology to write better and more persuasive copy for your paid advertising.

Wei Leen Ng

Lean ?????Metrics

Digital Analytics Strategy For Your Business

If you can't measure it, you can't improve it. Vinoaj will be teaching you the 4 key steps to measurement success.

He'll be covering topics like what matters to your business, what are the KPIs and goals that matter, ?how? to measure these and what to monitor. 

Vinoaj Vijeyakumaar


Increasing Your Sales By 300%: A Content Marketing Case Study

Learn the 4 stages of content marketing through the lens of Dave's case study. He'll be showing you exactly what you should focus on, what mistakes to avoid? ?and important shortcuts and hacks.

You'll also learn how to use content marketing to increase traffic, sales and leads. 

Dave Fallarme


7 Email Puzzle Pieces That Converts Leads Into Rabid Buyers

Email copywriting can make a huge difference in the success of an email marketing campaign.

Learn from the ?email? ninja and an "underground" email copywriter to many of the leading brands, John Pagulayan, on the best practices and a step-by-step way to think about your email copywriting.  

John Pagulayan

The Ask Method Company

Acquisition To Engagement: The Shifting Focus For App Marketers

Retargeting can be extremely tricky to get right. Vasuta will teach you the difference between good and bad retargeting, and the top tips to ensure your efforts are successful!

Vasuta Agarwal


How To Create Highly Effective Video Ads (In 10 Minutes)

Have you tried running video ads for your brand yet? It can be a daunting task to try - but Anja is here to walk you through the process. 

She'll cover what you need and how to get started, how to put together the perfect script, and some insider tips to make your video stand out!

Anja Kicken


Day 3

Digital Media Monitoring And Analysis

Richard will tell you the exact 3 things you ?can? do right now  to improve your social media and monitoring and management.

It's important to know that your content is competing with everyone else's, so he will show you how to compete and stand out. 

Richard Spencer


7 Figure Evergreen Funnel Copywriting

Brian has created a copywriting and email funnel that you can follow step-by-step to grow your ?customer? base and increase conversions. 

Brian Cassingena


PR With Technology And Automation

Learn the digital tools and technology you can use to augment your PR outreach. Tim will teach the best practices for reaching out and finding ??journalists?? and influencers to help promote your brand. 

Tim Chan


Transparency As The New Currency In The Digital Economy

Bhanuka will be sharing the importance of you company being transparent in this digital age. ?Learn? why and how you should go about doing this. 

Bhanuka Harischandra


Personas: From Customer to Conversion

If you don't currently have personas described for your customer base - you need to do it now!

Oscar will show you the 10 steps to doing persona research and identifying clusters of personas, how to build a persona based on research and the 3 elements to kickstart your persona research.

Oscar Venhuis


Content Marketing Made Easy - Through Influencers

Everyone knows content is king - but how do you make your brand's content stand out from the rest?

Evangeline will give you the #1 hack on how to make your content work for you and use it to grow your customer base. 

Evangeline Leong

Kobe Global Technologies

How to Be A Social Brand

With 92% of consumers trusting word-of-mouth over any other form of marketing - it is absolutely critical for your brand to be social and provide great experiences that your customers will share. 

Meredith takes a deep-dive on how to create the story of your brand and how to become this social entity. 

Meredith Wallace

M&C Saatchi

Day 4

Programmatic: Winning Micromoments Through Digital

Micromoments are the new battleground for brands, publishers and content creators. ?Pankaj? will share how programmatic advertising is the key to winning over customers in these moments and a world where attention spans are continually on the decrease. 

Pankaj Khushani


Beat the Algorithm with Automated Bidding Strategies

Rohit will share the best tools to use and ?how? to set up automated bidding strategies. Learn how to optimize your bids for successful results. 

Rohit Mulani


Customer Segmentation, Audience Management, Measurement & Attribution Growth Based Marketing

Leroy will show you how to manage your audience, measure and understand the different points in the customer journey, how to integrate advertising ?technology? with marketing technology to drive sales, how to do growth-based marketing and so much more!

Leroy Pinto


Marketing Has Changed: The Lovability Problem

Justin will be discussing how content is the key to gaining the trust of potential clients and turning them into paying customers. People no longer react to billboard ads, they want to get something more from your company. Learn tips for content creation and the best ways to distribute this content.

Justin Lee


Chatbots & Automation

Chatbots are the future! This technology will help you deliver a superior customer service experience ?and? showcase who you are as a brand.

Boye will show you the best ways to start implementing chatbots and how to make sure this is going to have a positive impact on your company. 

Boye Hartmann


Growth Hacking Success: Breaking The System To Scale Your Company

The 3 foundations to a company's growth are people, processes, and tools. 

Nix will be sharing the best hacks to utilize all of these foundations, as well as sharing his Growth Playbook on how to hack every marketing platform out there!

Nix Eniego

Sprout Solutions

Day 5

Marketing Startups in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is a hot market for digital marketing! Christopher will be going through the trends? ?in the region and how to win customers in this fast-growing market. 

Christopher Star

XS by XS

Live Q&A on Affiliate Marketing

Join this session for a live question and answer period on affiliate marketing!

Rio Lim


Q&A on Digital Media Publishing

This session will be a question and answer period on digital media ?publishing?!

Melvin Goh

Have Halal?,? Will Travel

Live Q&A on eCommerce

This live question and answer period will be about eCommerce. Make sure to join to ask all ?your? questions about growing or working at an eCommerce. 

Steve Tan

eCommerce Elites Mastermind

Live Q&A on Freelance Consulting

The final live question and answer period will be about freelancing. Ask anything from how to make a living as a freelancer to how to have a? ?team of freelancers you can depend on. 

Satya Kothimangalam

Truworks Consulting


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